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I'm Shane Griffin. But you can just call me Shanesaw. I founded Lost Mountain Woodcraft back in 2016 when I finally got the idea to combine 15 years worth of professional wood working with my love of climbing, cutting, and pretty much anything that had to do with trees.


One day while cutting the top out of a beautiful black walnut tree, IT hit me! No, not the tree. I looked at that beautiful purple end grain and thought what a waste that this is just going to end up as firewood. So I decided to turn that tree into a coffee table that the homeowners loved so much, I ended up giving it to them.


Since that day I've been cutting trees and building furniture out of them. Transforming the history of the land and preserving it in the future of the home. At long last I've fullfilled my life dream. What have you always dreamt of? A treehouse? A farm table? We'd be honored to design and build it for you.


Here at Lost Mountain, our goal is to always take pride in our work and to be grateful for the relationships we build with our clients. We promise to always deliver breathtaking designs, fine craftsmanship, and a product that you will love for a lifetime. Lost Mountain cares about the community, our planet, and you. Therefore all our lumber is sustainably sourced from local mills or even right from your own back yard. This ensures local mills stay in business, the land stays healthy, and that you get a quality product. We value hard work, creativity, and uniqueness. So we guarantee that is exactly what you will get with our products.


Everything we build is anything you imagine. That's right! You're the real designer here. You tell us what you want, what you've always dreamed of, any ideas you have; and we'll do the rest. We custom build furniture, homes, treehouses, and yard games exactly how you imagined them. But what if you don't want to think of every detail? That's okay! Just tell us what you have in mind and we'll crack a couple of cans of creativity and get to designing. We'll send you what we have in mind so you can let us know what to keep and what to scrap. The creative process goes quick because when we aren't building we are always designing. Not only do we want to build a product that you fall in love with, but we want to build a professional friendship with our clients. Ultimately, you are the most important part of this business.

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